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Benedict Garrett has become one of the world's most prolific campaigners for greater sexual liberalism and a fundamental shift in our national psyche towards issues related to sex and sexuality.

He's an internationally recognised 'sexual activist', who has spoken on TV and radio stations all around the world, written a column for 'The Guardian' newspaper and been an invited speaker for university debates at Cambridge, Oxford, Trinity College Dublin and Queen Mary College, London.

As well as having been a solo performer for The Dreamboys, Benedict is a professional actor, having appeared on professional TV, film and theatre.

You can listen to him on Xpress Radio Scotland with his night-time show, 'SeXpress'.  Visit www.xpressradio.scot  


Now available for bookings in Central Scotland.

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"Could become a national treasure."
Justin Webb, 'Today', BBC Radio 4

"Actually, I think Benedict Garrett really is a class act."
Rachel Cook, The Observer

"I think the only thing wrong with him is his strange name."
David Aaronovitch, 'Sunday Morning Live', BBC1